Celestina Agostino

Under Paris Skies… White: profundly mysterious, elusively subtle, infinitely shaded. Celestina Agostino knows it intimately. For twenty years she has worked with this "absolute color", or rather light, pursuing every nuance, revealing its infinitesimal secrets, in order to enrobe the figures of brides, in a ritual combining the sacred with eternal affection for those who have hosen her : "An intelligent garment, the most intimate and symbolic garment thats exists, for a rite of passage, a rebirth, a sentimental destiny being fulfilled". In a immaculate show-room on the rue de l'Abbé Grégoire, in Paris, the designer receive each bride-to-be dreaming of a union in "Celestina Agostino". Her couture house, which was created in 1993, has become a reference : the future decade will be under the sign of internationalization, heralded by an ambitious export project to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the brand. Celestina Agostino or the sky's the limit...                                    Further information +